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Jaedong "Retirement or Return to Korea, the Truth Behind all the Rumours…"

Jaedong(Photo=Evil Geniuses Home Page)
There have been too many rumours. Some of his recent tweets made fans speculate his retirements. And his absence in WCS World Season 1 Qualifiers strengthened those beliefs. To make things worse for his fans, Jaedong refused to speak of the matter regarding non-renewal of his contract with Evil Geniuses.
Some speculated his return to the Korean scene. Many Koreans have long been waiting for his return, and when EG announced that the renewal of his contract had actually took its place, many were rather disappointed.

Jaedong had not yet spoken of his future intents in the eSports scene other than EG`s release of his contract renewal. Unconventionally, even after the news had been released, there were more question regarding his future in comments section in the official EG website.

Jaedong noted at the start of this interview that why he did not answer to those questions were because he himself needed some time to think over few things. With the re-signing of the contract, he had cleared self-doubts away and that he decided to strive for success as a player once again. Through dailyeSports, the tyrant spoke of his future plans.

◆Worrisome Months
The part, which fans were most curious about, was whether or not he would return to the Korean scene full time. Now we are in full understanding that that will not be the case as he has, in fact, re-signed with EG. Jaedong was not shy to deny that it was one of options he looked over

"I have thought about returning full time to play in leagues in Korea. I actually looked around for some options of its possibilities. However, I do not think this is the time to do so, hence, I returned to EG."
Jaedong, IEM San Jose(Photo=ESL, Carlton Beener)

Jaedong told dailyesports that he was physically and mentally fatigued out. It was the long journeys of being a professional gamer that led to it. And he added that all the speculations that arose when he has not spoken were bothersome as well. Jaedong thought about abandoning it all. He felt sorry for his family that stood up for him when the times were the most difficult. Over the past few months, Jaedong has been spending time with his family and had a good deep discussions about his future and about his career.

"Being with the family healed my internal wounds a lot. I have been away from home, away from my family, ever since I was young. Maybe you can call it being homesick, and maybe you are right. Few months spent with the family definitely gave me the much needed morale boost to keep me keep going."

Jaedong has decided to stay with the foreign team as he acknowledged such opportunity may never come in rest of his career. But this time, he will be living and practicing full time in the United States of America. To kick start the new phase of his career, he rebegan dedicating all hours into practicing.

"Team said they would take care of my VISA issues, and I have been working hard to regain my best conditions. I will be participating in next season of WCS and other international tournaments as one of the Evil Geniuses."

◆"I will return to Korea before I retire"
Jaedong confessed that there are much truth behind his consideration to return to Korea. He added that the rumour about his return through CJ Entus was something alien to him. He drew a long sigh of such rumours not having any base to his direct words.

"In future, I hope that fans only kept to creating fusses over things I have said. When I have not said anything about anything that is because I am in the process of gathering my thoughts. I can really appreciate your patience. It is really tough for an individual to figure out own future and to deal with rumours at the same time."
Jaedong(Photo: ESL, Helena Kristiansson)

Jaedong noted that he will, someday, return to Korea. He showed his personal desire to retire in Korea, and that when opportunity comes, he will make the move to re-meet his fans in Korea.

"I want to retire while I am still relevant and competitive in the Korean scene. I promise you that I will return. Even though, I have been and will be staying outside of Korea even more so, I have yet forgotten the support and the love my Korean fans gave. When I do (return), I hope that you could accept me with open arms. (Chuckles)"

Jaedong stressed that, from now on, he will only be dedicating himself to practicing. He said it is a work-in-progress but he is working hard to regain the dominating forms he once had. Awkwardly, the tyrant had asked for the fans’ support so that he can reach his dreams as a professional gamer.

"I would so much appreciate your support rather than creating rumours. I am going back to the roots, and as if I just started as a rookie. I will do my best. And to return all those tremendous support I have received throughout my career, I am obligated to do well and show fans me clawing my way back up to where I belong. That, I think, is the only way to return the favour."

Jaedong’s determination is stronger than ever. All we can do is cheer for him from the back stage and let him do his thing to claw his way back up to the top. I believe, with our supports, return of the Tyrant is very much imminent.

[Written by Yi So-ra Dailyesports Reporter sora@dailyesports.com]
[Translated by James 'Mal' Song(@SC2Mal)]
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